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The Slumpbuster

Aug 19, 2019

Hello listeners this week we are continuing our NFL divisional breakdowns with AFC & NFC South! We talk Antonio Brown's helmet grievance and the topic of head injuries in sports. We give our condolences to Darryl Drake and discuss Boogie's ACL, Conor's legal trouble and Josh Gordon's return to the Patriots. Please sit back, relax and enjoy!

Host: Julian Martinez & Aundre Huynh
Executive Producer: Cristian Rogers
Instagram: @slumpbusterpodcast
Twitter: @slumpbusterpod


Antonio Brown Situation- 3:14-24:09
McGregor bar fight- 27:10-27:14
Darryl Drake Passing- 27:17-27:55

AFC South Predictions
Jacksonville Jags-27:56-35:07
Tennessee Titans-35:08-42:07
Indianapolis Colts-42:07-48:52
Houston Texans-48:54-59:27

NFC South Predictions

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-59:27-1:05:27
Carolina Panthers-1:05:27-1:12:51
Atlanta Falcons-1:12:53-1:23:07
New Orleans Saints-1:23:07-1:40:21