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The Slumpbuster

Jul 17, 2020

Need to bust your Fantasy Football Slump? Listen to the Slumpbuster! On today's episode we welcome in the Fantasy Football Rapper himself to help prep you for all things Fantasy. We talk about Daily Fantasy Football strategy, current running back hold outs and late round value at the skill positions. Listen, subscribe but most importantly enjoy! #FantasyFootball #DalvinCook #DailyFantasyFootball

Recorded: Wednesday, July 15, 2020


"Slumpbuster" by Bigger Than Goliath; On the Moon Studios

"Flama" by Lalo Production Beats


Julian "Ju-Ju" Martinez

Instagram: @jujutalkssports | Twitter: @jujutalkssports


The Fantasy Football Rapper

Roberto Cartagena

Instagram: @fantasyfootballrapper | Twitter: @iamffrapper


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