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The Slumpbuster

Oct 20, 2019

Just when you thought the NBA-China situation reached it's pinnacle, insert the leagues biggest star. The guys break down Lebron's controversial stance on Daryl Morey's comments and the latest fallout from the issue. We then move our focus back to the court with our Western Conference Preview for the 2019-2020 NBA season. Much like the Undertake, the XFL is back from the dead and the guys are here to talk their inaugural draft. Vince McMahon isn't done snatching headlines as he's managed to acquire another former MMA star, will this trend continue? The guys react. Then we celebrate the Nationals winning their first NL pennant and what their World Series odds look like moving forward. We close the show with the your NFL Week Seven preview, Patrick Mahomes injury and Jalen Ramsey's new team! #China #NBA #XFL #MLBPostseason

Recorded Saturday, October 19, 2019

Host: Julian "Ju-Ju" Martinez & Aundre Huynh
Featuring: Cristian "C-Money" Rogers
Executive Producer: Cristian "C-Money" Rogers
Instagram: @slumpbusterpodcast