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The Slumpbuster

Jul 31, 2021

It's once again time to Bust the Slump and enjoy another episode of the Slumpbuster podcast! Joining us this week is Deji Andrew of the Baseball Connection Podcast. Deji & Ju-Ju talk some of the biggest stories from the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline and discuss the seasons second half. #MLB

It was an active deadline a lot of players finding new places to call home. Deji & Ju-Ju talk some of the following moves on the show:

Pirates Trade Adam Frazier to San Diego Padres : 4:10

Twins Trade Nelson Cruz to Tampa Bay Rays : 6:12

Nationals Trade Brad Hand to Toronto Blue Jays : 8:03

Cubs Trade Anthony Rizzo & Rangers Trade Joey Gallo to New York Yankees : 9:20

Marlins Trade Starling Marte to Oakland A's : 13:10

Royals Trade Danny Duffy to Los Angeles Dodgers : 16:40

Diamondbacks Trade Eduardo Escobar to Milwaukee Brewers : 19:45

Also we discuss the trade rumors swirling around Max Scherzer prior to his official trade to the Dodgers. Were the Padres & Red Sox the next in line to acquire the star right handed pitcher? #MaxScherzer

To close we make our predictions for the season second half. Who will represent the American and National League in this years World Series? Is the NL representative bound to be the Giants, Padres or Dodgers? Can the Red Sox, White Sox or Astros do something to separate from the rest of the AL competition? #Baseball

Enjoy the show!

Recorded: Saturday, July 24, 2021

Music: "Flama" by Lalo Production Beats

Host: Julian "Ju-Ju" Martinez Ig: @jujutalkssports | Twitter: @jujutalkssports

Featuring: Deji Andrew Baseball Connection Podcast Ig: @baseball_connection | Twitter: @bsblconnection

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