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The Slumpbuster

Jul 12, 2021

It's once again time to Bust the Slump and enjoy another episode of the Slumpbuster podcast! Joining us this week is Calvin Domingo of the Steezy A Smith Youtube channel. Calvin and Ju-Ju give an update on the biggest stories in the world of the NFL & NBA. Enjoy the show!

Starting off the show we talk the wild NFC West. Are the Seahawks underrated by the Vegas odds makers? Who is under more pressure, Kliff Kingsbury or Matthew Stafford? Will Russ continue to cook in Seattle? #RussellWilson

The last time we recorded a pod Julio Jones was a Atlanta Falcons. How will Julio do in his new Nashville home? Are the Titans legit Super Bowl contenders coming out of the AFC? #JulioJones

Steezy released a video making the case for Ben Simmons career to continue in Philadelphia? Should 76ers' fans show Simmons some brotherly love this coming NBA season? Does Doc Rivers and the supporting cast deserve the real blame? #BenSimmons

We close by discussing the NBA Finals. What would a Larry O'Brian trophy mean for CP3's legacy? Is Chris Paul a Top-3 point guard in NBA history?

Enjoy the Show!

Recorded: Thursday, July 08, 2021

Music: 'Flama' by Lalo Production Beats


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