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The Slumpbuster

May 27, 2021

It's once again time to Bust the Slump and enjoy another episode of the Slumpbuster podcast! Joining us this week is Kyle Ledbetter of the Take It Easy Podcast and content creator for Comical Sports Memes. Kyle and Ju-Ju give an update on the biggest stories in all three major sports. Enjoy the show!

Starting off the show we talk the current state of the NBA playoffs. How important and impressive are the Suns with veteran leader Chris Paul? What is the value of CP3's impact? The Brooklyn Nets are the obvious favorite but could the Greek Freak ruin the plans of NBA media? Would a Finals win impact the public approval rating of one Kevin Durant? #NBAPlayoffs

Baseball has had its fair share of headlines in recent weeks. The guys give their thoughts on unwritten rules, the surplus of no-hitters, trade scenarios and potential relocation plans. Can Tony La Russa win back the Chicago White Sox locker room? Who will win the NL West, the Giants, Dodgers or Padres? Will the Oakland A's and Tampa Rays have two new places to call home soon? #MLB

We close the show with an update on the Julio Jones trade talks. Does it make sense for the Falcons to deal Jones? Are the Falcons contenders in the NFC South if they retain their star wide receiver? #JulioJones

Recorded: Sunday, May 23, 2021

Music: 'Flama' by Lalo Production Beats


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