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The Slumpbuster

May 17, 2021

It's once again time to Bust the Slump and enjoy another episode of the Slumpbuster podcast! Joining us this week is Gary Miceli. Gary is a sports memorabilia and trading card enthusiast. Together we have one of the best baseball episode in Slumpbuster history. Enjoy the show! #MLB

Were the Angels in the right to release Albert Pujols? Is there any merit to offering a player a 10-year contract? #AlbertPujols

What are some of baseball's unbreakable records? Have sabermetrics made it impossible for some records and achievements to be broken? Do Steroid Era players deserve a place in Cooper's Town? Who are the future Hall of Fame players in today's game? Mike Trout? Bryce Harper? Etc.? #CoopersTown

How do we attribute value to sports memorabilia? Is is better to have a player autograph a collectors piece or not? What is with the rise of baseball trading cards in a post-COVID world?

Recorded: Saturday, May 8, 2021

Music: 'Flama' by Lalo Production Beats


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