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The Slumpbuster

Nov 20, 2020

It's time to bust the midday slump, This is the Slumpbuster Podcast! We have a special guest double-feature on today's episode. Our first guest is Coach Hue Jackson! Hue has coached in the NFL for almost twenty years and shares some insight into some of his stops along the way. We talk about the icon Al Davis, his time in Cleveland and what's next for Coach Jackson. Support Hue's efforts to put an end to Human Trafficking in Ohio and across the US. Below is the link to the Hue Jackson Foundation, a foundation committed to empowering children, teens, and adults through awareness, education and prevention of Human Trafficking while assisting survivors and their families in their journey through recovery and survivorship.

Our second guest are Zack Burl and James Puopolo from the BOTA Sports Podcast. Together we take a look at the flurry of NBA headlines being dropped as we approach the new season. Who are the biggest winners and losers in the early days of NBA free agency? We preview our upcoming matchup in the Podcast Fantasy Football League. Why are good running backs so hard to find? We close the show with a breakdown of NFL week 11! #NBAFreeAgency #WOJBomb #HueJackson


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Wednesday, November 18, 2020


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