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The Slumpbuster

Sep 20, 2020

It's time to bust the midday slump, This is the Slumpbuster Podcast! Joining me this week is Fago Franklin III to discuss the return of the Big-10 Conference, Denver Nuggets stunning comeback and predict NFL week two. How does the landscape of college football change with this announcement? Who deserves the bulk of the blame for the Clippers collapse? What are the biggest headlines heading into this weekends games? #MileHighBasketball #B1GConference #CollegeFootball

Recorded: Thursday, September 17, 2020 Music: "Slumpbuster" by Bigger Than Goliath; On the Moon Studios "Flama" by Lalo Production Beats Host: Julian "Ju-Ju" Martinez IG: @jujutalkssports | Twitter: @jujutalkssports Featuring: Fago Franklin III Ig: @superjournlist87 | Twitter: @yphance06 Youtube: Sponsors: Promo Code: SLUMP Promo Code: SLUMP Social Media: IG: @slumpbusterpodcast Twitter: @slumpbusterpod Website: