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The Slumpbuster

Jul 12, 2020

Welcome into The Slumpbuster! On this episode we welcome in James Puopolo & Drew Daniels of the Bota Sports Podcast. Calling in from Boston, Mass we ask the guys about Brady & Bett's departure, Torii Hunters allegations against the city / Red Sox fans &  Celtics title chances upon the NBA's return. Then we put them on the spot to rank the big-4 Boston sports franchises. Our next topic is centered around the Big-10 and Pac-12's official announcement they will be moving forward with a strictly conference schedule for Fall sports. Is College Football going to happen in 2020? We close the show by giving sound advice to Desean Jackson and predicting the UFC 251 Fight Island card.  #Boston #DeseanJackson #NCCAF

Recorded: Friday, July 10, 2020


"Slumpbuster" by Bigger Than Goliath; On the Moon Studios

"Flama" by Lalo Production Beats


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