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The Slumpbuster

Jul 9, 2020

Welcome into The Slumpbuster! On this episode we welcome in Edgar Rodriguez of the Sports Plus Life podcast. Edgar, Ju-Ju and Dre break down the latest sports headlines. We start the showing discussing the details of Patrick Mahomes mega deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. Will Patrick Mahomes become the first NFL billionaire, he has a half a million dollar head start. Our next topic revolves around the NFL's decision to play 'Life Every Voice in Sing' prior to week one kickoff, is this the right move? Speaking of the right move, should Dan Snyder budge on the Redskins naming issue for his football team? We close the show with the surprise replacement for GIlbert Burns at UFC 251. Will 'Street Jesus' Masvidal baptize Kamaru Usman this weekend? #UFC251 #PatrickMahomes #Redskins

Recorded: Monday, July 6, 2020


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