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The Slumpbuster

May 19, 2020

Coach Orlando McCorvey and Austin Cytryn are in this week to help you bust the midweek slump! Together Ju-Ju, Dre and the guys take a look at this weeks headlines. The soon to be award winning documentary of the '98 Chicago Bulls came to a wrap. What were our final thoughts on the last episode of 'The Last Dance'? Was this a complete documentary and does it matter? Then we look at the comments made by former Cy Young Award winner Blake Snell on baseball's return. Were Snell's comments out of line? The NFL is attempting to adjust the long-standing Rooney Rule to incentivize owners to hire minority head coaches. Is there proposed rule change a step in the right direction or a misguided fail? We close up shop talking about the string of NFL players on the wrong side of the law and Aaron Rodgers first public comments on the Packers drafting Jordan Love. Stay tuned, enjoy, save 20% on manscaped and Bust The SLUMP! #TheLastDance #RooneyRule #AaronRodgers

Recorded: Monday, May 18, 2020


"Slumpbuster" by Bigger Than Goliath; On the Moon Studios

"Flama" by Lalo Production Beats


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