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The Slumpbuster

Apr 21, 2020

You could say things are TWINing this week on the Slumpbuster as we welcome on Gary and Cary from the Bottom Line Sports Podcast. On this most sacred of national holidays, 420, the guys crown their favorite all-time stoner athlete. Then we look at the documentary keeping the countries sanity together, "The Last Dance." What was the most shocking revelation from the first two episodes. Was it how Pippen's contract or Jerry Krause's ego? The NCAA clutched their pearls this week at Jalen Green's decision to test the NBA's G-League, is this the right move? Run CMC got a historic contract but was it more fluff than filler, we explain. Should Tua's Wonderlic Test score have been posted and is this why he is projected to slide in the draft? Which WR in the 2020 NFL Draft Class is most likely to dominate at the next level? #420 #RickyWilliams #TheLastDance


Recorded: Monday, April 20, 2020



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