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The Slumpbuster

Feb 1, 2020

This episode starts on a very somber note as we discuss the tragedy that befell Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi Bryant and seven other passengers aboard a helicoptor in the LA area. We talk about his greatest accomplishments, what he did for the game and give our Top-5 Kobe Bryant moments to honor the man and Mamba Mentality. In addition to this we discuss the NBA's rule changes for the 2020 All-Star game and whether or not this is a fitting tribute. It's very few times the Superbowl would be a secondary headline but we make our way into dissecting the season for both the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Niners were coming off a 4-12 year, their franchise quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo tearing his ACL, how did they improve so quickly? The Chiefs we knew were good but were we ready for Patrick Mahomes to elevate himself to elite tier so quickly? Between these two teams there has to be a winner and we choose ours to close this episode! Have a happy Super Bowl weekend everyone!  #KobeBryant #ChiefsKingdom #GoNiners