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The Slumpbuster

Nov 17, 2019

This week is filled with interesting headlines gallore! We begin talking about the impromptu battle royal between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday Night Football. Analyze the suspensions and determine whether the NFL made the right call in their punishments for both teams. Then we shift the conversation to a couple stars looking to make a comeback in their respective sports. Following three seasons off the field Colin Kaepernick will have live tryout for NFL teams on Saturday, Ju-Ju & Dre look at each interested team and try and determine a good fit for the polarizing quarterback. Following that the guys look at Portland's decision to sign veteran Carmelo Anthony and whether or not Melo has enough in the tank to spark the struggling Blazers. Our next major headline of the week makes for an interesting baseball offseason as former Houston Astros player Mike Fiers exposed his former employer for some unethical practices during their championship season, we call fair or foul on the controvery. Finally we end the show as always by breaking down our pick for NFL Week 11. Enjoy the show! #ColinKaepernick #HoustonAstros #MylesGarrett

Recorded Friday, November 15, 2019

Host: Julian "Ju-Ju" Martinez & Aundre Huynh
Executive Producer: Cristian "C-Money" Rogers
Instagram: @slumpbusterpodcast