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The Slumpbuster

Mar 22, 2022

Welcome in Slumpbusters to another episode of the Slumpbuster Fantasy Football Podcast. Ju-Ju & Drew review NFL Free Agency. What are some free agent moves that will have big fantasy ramifications in the 2022 NFL season? #FantasyFootball #NFL #NFLNews Quarterback Talk (2:07):

- Deshaun Watson to Cleveland Browns

- Russell Wilson to Denver Broncos

- Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers

Running Back Talk (24:31):

- Can Mike McDaniel Fix Miami's Running Game?

- Rashaad Penny Stays in Seattle

- Will Cordarrelle Patterson Remain Elite?

Wide Receivers (35:02):

- Davante Adams Traded to Las Vegas Raiders

- Is Julio Jones Draftable?

- Allen Robinson Signs with Los Angeles Rams

Tight-Ends (54:58):

- Does Adams Hurt Darren Waller's Value?

- Will Rob Gronkowski Return to Tampa?

- Engram vs Fant vs Howard

Enjoy the show!

Recorded: Sunday, March 20, 2022

Music: "Flama" by Lalo Production Beats


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