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The Slumpbuster

Oct 16, 2021

Welcome in Slumpbuster to another episode of the Slumpbuster Podcast. On today's episode we welcome on special guest Kendra Middleton. Kendra is a reporter for NESN and host for Dirty Water Media. In addition Kendra also host her own female driven sports podcast Saturdays N Seltzers. On today's podcast we discuss Kendra's Jacksonville Jaguars, the end of the San Francisco Giants season and why she is labeled 'the villain' of Boston based sports. Enjoy the show!

We start things off by discussing the San Francisco Giants improbable season. In April the Giants were given a 1% chance of winning the NL West. Despite this the team rallied to a historic 107-win record shattering all other team records. Unfortunately for the Giants, their season came to a close in a decisive game five against their longtime rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Kendra and Ju-Ju discuss the season that was and the controversial calls surrounding the series closing game. #Giants

As a reporter for the New England Sports Network, Kendra covers all things Boston sports. This has not always ingratiated herself to a diehard fanbase. How did Kendra earn her nickname in the New England area? Have the Red Sox changed her mind following a surprising run to the ALCS? What does Kendra think of Mac Jones and his future with the Patriots? #RedSox

Kendra is a diehard Jacksonville Jaguars fan so naturally we discuss the latest happenings with her favorite franchise. Head Coach Urban Meyer has been under fire for his decision to not fly back with his team following a loss. In addition Meyer's Jaguars are on the longest losing streak in NFL history. Will Meyer retain his job in Jacksonville in 2022? What is the future for Trevor Lawrence? Is it time for Shad Khan to sell the team before he moves it full-tie to London? #Jaguars

Great show, great guest. Follow Kendra at all of her social medias listed below!

Recorded: Friday, October 15, 2021

Music: "Flama" by Lalo Production Beats


Julian "Ju-Ju" Martinez

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Kendra Middleton

Host of Dirty Water Media / Saturdays N Seltzers Podcast

Reporter for New England Sports Network (NESN)

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